Textles by Belinda - click to see Belinda's pageBatik
- batik is the technique which uses hot wax and cold water dyes on fabric. It is often used in Asia where detailed, decorative, brightly coloured fabrics are produced.

Before starting a batik it is essential to decide on the different colours to be used as putting colour over another colour can create quite different results. Starting with the lightest colour, hot wax is applied using a tjanting tool to cover the area so it will not be effected when a darker colour os then used. The process is repeated ending with the darkest colour. As the dyed/waxed fabric is handled the wax cracks creating the 'batik' effect. One rinsed and dried, the wax is removed using a warm iron and lots of scrap paper before being heat fixed.

Silk painting - silk or satin fabric is used and the outline of the design is drawn on using gutta. This prevents any colour from leaking out and spoiling the design. Dye is used to fill in each area.

'Trash Fash' - the term given to items created using recycled materials such as plastic bags, train tickets, old ribbon, lace, newspaper, old T shirt , ties etc. Shoes can also be customised using acrylic paint.

Patchwork - fabric remnants can be cut up and sewn together to create a random or regular design which can be hand sewn or machined. The resulting patchwork fabric can then be used to create cot covers, quilts or items of clothing such as skirts or waistcoats.

Tye dye - using old light coloured T shirts or fabric, marbles, elastic bands and cold water dyes to revamp or deinvent new items of clothing. The marbles are ties securely into the fabric at different intervals using elastic bands. The fabric is then immersed into cold water dye bath for a period of time. Once the colour has been achieved, the fabric is rinsed, dried and the marbles/elastic bands are removed. It is then heat fixed using a warm iron.

Other ways of working offered - hand embroidery, machine embroidery, applique, fashion desifb and simples items of clothing made by hand or with a machine.

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People who have created textile work:

Anderson Belinda Carole Debra Diane Helen
Paula Rebecca Shirley Vicki