Glass by Sue - click to see Sue's pageLight shinning through coloured glass on a sunny day is magical!

I recall as a student, being transfixed by the beautiful coloured stained glass of the Liverpool Metropolitan cathedral as the sun coming through the windows created a miriad of colour all over the interior. I was hooked. But it was another 30 years before I could investigate this media further.

Fused glass uses c90 coloured glass which is cut to size/shape required before being secured into place onto a piece teka glass with PVA and fired in a kiln. Fully fused creates a flatish surface fired at between 732 - 816c. Tack fusing results in a raised surface being fired at between 677 - 732c. Glass can be slumped into a mould and fully fused to create a bowl shape. Various shapes Nd designs can be created.

This technique is suitable for a beginner but patience and some strength is required for cutting the glass.

Stained glass uses ordinary coloured and textured glass cut tio shape and fitted snuggly together with lead or zinc. This is a more complex technique which requires precision, patience and strength.

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