FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Christian Arts group start?

The original Christian Arts group started some 30 years ago when I was living in the attic flat of the vicarage in Petersfield. A small group of artists, poets and musicians used to meet to discuss ideas and encourage each other. We had the same aims as the present one. Then life got in the way and we all went our separate ways.

In 2014 during a Life church mid week service (Deeper) we were all praying for each other specifically about hearing from God. I had been thinking about taking early retirement and was deciding on when. I felt very strongly that it should be within the year and that God had another plan for my life which would use the art skills I had been building up over more than 30 years. 'The plans i have for you are bigger than you could imagine or expect. Trust in me'. This was clearly from God and was the first of several times I received this word during the next few months.

After much prayer and planning I handed in my notice in December 2014 to leave in May 2015. I had a clear plan of what to do. The Christian Arts group started up again with a small group of Life church members meeting together in my house to discuss ideas and pray. As the plan unfolded I was able to share it with the group.

A new conservatory to be built in July would become the ceramics workshop. A summerhouse would replace the old greenhouse at the end of the garden and be used as a painting studio. This would be erected within a week of my leaving my job in May. A brick kiln house would be built on the site of the old shed in June. And the front bedroom would be transformed into a Textiles room sometime later. I began sourcing the constructions.

A phone call in early May led to me checking out a second hand kiln and wheel locally. At £300.00 for both - a real answer to prayer. After which various items of things that were required would appear in the porch over the next few months.God was prompting people to donate items.
Even a newly discovered bumble bees nest in the middle of the garden did not deter progress. Money was not a problem as God continued to provide from a generous lump sum from a long teaching career to unexpected PPI payments, all invested in this project.

By September 2015, I had left my job and set up small workshops in a variety of different media and had a few keen artistic adult students in attendance, learning or developing their skills. From time to time I could see very clearly in my head, how the workshops would work with people moving from one room to another engaged in different activities.

The Christian Arts group had been reborn and was progressing well with new enquiries each week. Lots of people both Christian and non church, have joined in with activities. More different medias have been added to the mix like fused and stained glass and wet/ needle felt work. Recently screen printing technique has been included.

Booking in time via email or phone; deciding on the materials/techniques/ ideas to produce and making a financial donation towards the cost of materials is just part of the work. Sharing fellowship and praying for each other is becoming the ministry within the art work. And again 'The plans I have for you are bigger than you could imagine or expect. Trust me' is the message that God speaks into this project. Learning to trust Him for his provision, protection and inspiration continues to be very important. To see God glorified in this work.

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How much does a session cost?
How do you go about booking a workshop?

Just phone Belinda on 01730 267 471 or email Belinda@Christian-Art.net and decide what day you want to come over, whole or half a day and what materials you would like to use. If you are not sure and want to discuss this first then call in for a coffee and a chat but contact Belinda first. There is a possibility of an evening session 7pm - 9pm if you cannot make daytime.

Does the group exhibit their work regularly?

Last year was the first of the Christian Arts group exhibitions at the Flora Twort gallery room where six of the group displayed their different types of work for sale. Proceeds from the exhibition were sent to IMC (In Ministry to Children) -see press cuttings in the Exhibitions section.

This year we have been invited to exhibit work at the new gallery in November which we are very happy to do. We will be selecting a different charity to raise funds for. If you would like to be involved then any work produced in the workshops will be welcome.

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