Print Making

Print Making includes:

In etching, a metal plate usually, copper, is covered with a waxy ground which is resistant to acid. Scratch marks are made through the waxy ground with an etching needle to create the required design which exposes the bare metal. The plate is left for a short period of time in a bath of dilute acid then washed, dried before being ready to use. Ink is applied with a roller to the plate and the plate is then printed onto thick paper usually using a printing press. The plate can be worked on by adding more scratch marks thereby changing the print.

This is a process in which materials are applied to a rigid surface like card or wood. Ink is rolled onto the surface of the printing block and then printed onto paper. This is quite a versatile print making method as more material can be added between prints to alter the end result.

Lino block printing
Lino has a surface quality that can be carved into to create a relief design. Ink is rolled onto the surface of the carved lino and it is then printed onto paper by hand or using a lino printer.

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