Drawing by June - click to see June's page'Drawing is the basis of all good art' - a comment from a famous artist when asked why people draw.

From observational studies of objects to scenic landscapes, the key is being able to really look at what is being drawn. Training the eye. Two thirds of the time looking and a third of the time recording. Most people miss a lot of detail in the cursory glance.
You can use many types of media from graphite pencil, charcoal, biro, pastels, wax crayons, felt pens and so on. You can also use different surfaces other than cartridge paper. Work can also be imaginative.

Drawing is suitable for all from beginners to the experienced. Subject matter can be set for you or you can work on something of your own.

As with all workshops, please ring or email to book some time - having your own sketchbook is helpful.

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Those have created drawings:
Belinda Diane June